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What is QiGong?

“Chi Kung (QiGong) can strengthen your relationship between your mind, body and spirit. From this new place of centerdness and knowing you can make better decisions for yourself in an often complex modern lifestyle” 
Marie Favorito, Director, Boston Healing Tao

Qi (Chi) means Life Energy and Gong means Skill or Mastery so QiGong is the practice of Life Energy Mastery. QiGong is a gentle form of exercise very similar to Tai Chi and Yoga. There are practices that can be done from a sitting, lying, or standing position, and includes both moving and stationary postures. It helps to align and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, and can be adapted for people of all ages and ability levels.

Some of our regular practices include:

  • Bone Breathing

Gently breathing energy and light into the bones to promote and rejuvenate the immune system and energize the body

  • Inner Smile Meditation

Guided meditation to bring joy and love into all of the parts of the body using the simple and profound acceptance of smiling.

  • Six Healing Sounds

Postures and sounds that release stressful energy from the vital organs of the body

  • Standing Chi Kung

Learn proper alignment to ground and root yourself to strengthen the body from within

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